Tired of the living the same way?  Are you tired of your routine?  Do you let others opinions bother you?  Do you need to develop a healthy lifestyle? Looking to connect with a community of women strving for the same thing? 


Purpose Only She Has (POSH) was created to bring all of lifes resources to one community. A communiy of women who uplift, empower and inspire each other while getting the tools to better yourself, and live the life ou always dreamed of.


Our mission is to help you shift your mindset, to stop thinking small, and to get rid ofthose limiting belifes. We are here to give you tools to better yourself in business, health, buisness and so much more. 


It's time to create your own reality! Stop letting circumtances stop you from achieveing your goals.  It's time to make self care a prioity.  No more playing small! Join the POSH Tribe and get ready to walk into the PURPOSE ONLY YOU HAVE! 


Join the P.O.S.H Community Today for the very low fee of $35 monthly or $315 yearly.


What Our Community Offers: 


We will show you how to shift your mindset from negativity to positivty. 

How to stop limiting your belifes

How to live a healthy and happy lifestyle

How to manage finaces and creating a hefty saving account

How to start a business or become a brand.


Why Should I Join?

It;s nothing worse than going blindly on a journey to better yourself. In the POSH tribe you will have accountabitiy partners, mentors and people who can help you level up in life. Our group is private because we want all of our memebers to feel safe to share and connect.  It's time to invest in YOU to become a better YOU!  Gain Access to change your life today! 


What you get when you Join the TRIBE!

*One on One Coaching with Rochelle

∗ Access to a library of resources 

∗ Monthly Master Classes with Experts in their field

∗ Planners, Worksheets, & Checklist to help achieve your goals

∗ Live Events with Special Invites for POSH members

∗ Retreats

∗ Accountability & Privacy- Our group is private. Only memebershave access. 

∗ Networking with other POSH members



∗ A new mindset

∗ A healthier Lifestyle

∗ To build a brand or business

∗ To engage with women all over the world

∗ Access to the tools and guides to build a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

∗ Access to all POSH events

Join me and Let’s Grow Together!


Price Options
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$315.00yearly/ auto-renew
Subscribe Today!
$35.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • All accounts will be debited on the 1st of each month.  Cancellations must me made by the 20th of each month. 

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