Rochelle Monique is a Lifestyle Expert, Speaker and Consultant from our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. She has over 10 years’experience in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle arenas. She’s always been fond of fashion and had impeccable style but never found women who quite like her that stood in confidence. Rochelle, like many children/teens/adults, struggled with maintaining a healthy weight her entire life.  At her heaviest she weighed in at 380 pounds.  She knew her purpose was to be a positive example to curvy women but honestly at that current weight she didn’t have the motivation.  She tried several diets to no avail.  Finally, after suffering with sleep apnea, a knee injury and low self-worth her doctor recommended Bariatric Surgery"

Bariatric Surgery proved to be the tool she needed in

order to combat obesity along with diet and exercise. She lost 220 pounds which gave her the strength to pursue her purpose. She began lending her influence and platform as a former plus model to uplift. 

Rochelle continues to provide guidance and support to other women, who like her, struggles with weight issues, low self-esteem and finding their life’s purpose.  She believes “she who has a why can bear almost any how.” Her mission is to encourage and empower

women to live their best life…mind, body and soul.

Rochelle has assisted hundreds of women in overcoming their weight loss issues through her vlogs, coaching and social media platform.

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